Marijuana Edibles
Marijuana EdiblesColorado Edibles: If you live in Colorado, then you are probably familiar with the many marijuana edibles that are on the market. Given that Colorado is still one of the relatively few states that allows for recreational marijuana use, the number of Colorado edibles that have arisen since it was legalized has been astounding. In fact, there are so many choices that consumers may find it difficult to locate the best brands.
What follows are five the more celebrated brands of Colorado edibles on the market. Each one has earned a stellar reputation for its taste, consistency, and potency of its products. If you are new to marijuana edibles, you will need to be careful when sampling the products. Try a small sample first and then work your way up.

Cheeba Chews

Thanks to their delicious chocolate bars, Cheeba Chews has become one of the most recognizable names for marijuana edibles in Colorado. Cheeba Chews are, by their own claims, the originators of infusing marijuana into chocolate taffy and marketing the product state-wide. The only warning is that the THC is quite strong in some of their products, so take it easy at first when enjoying their treats.
Marijuana EdiblesCoda Signature Chocolates
If you love chocolate, then Coda Signature Chocolates may be the one for you. Their chocolate covered cannabis truffles have won competitions. And they offer a line of delicious chocolate products that have swept the state. One reason that their treats are so delicious is that they use supercritical CO2 extraction to improve the quality of the cannabis oil. This means that the final result are chocolate treats that are quite sumptuous.

Love’s Oven

If there is one company that has stood out above the rest, it is the Denver-based Love’s Oven. A bakery that is run by pasty chef Hope Frahm, Love’s Oven is considered one of the best in all the state and for good reason. The emphasis is on creating the best edible treats that are properly infused with the right amount of marijuana that is sourced locally.

Sweet Grass Kitchen
Another Denver-based bakery, Sweet Grass Kitchen offers sumptuous chocolate chip cookies and brownies that are infused with marijuana. Thanks to their slow-simmer process, the marijuana levels in their products are quite consistent. That means you can enjoy their treats and know fully the amount of THC levels they contain.
Marijuana Edibles
Wana Brands
One of the best-selling Colorado edibles companies. Wana Brands has become quite famous for their gummies. So successful are the gummies that Wana Brands now owns almost half the market. Thanks to the wide variety of flavors. From strawberry to mango to yuzu and more. You have your choice of gummies that are infused with specific amounts of THC.

If you are looking for the best in marijuana edibles in the state of Colorado. You cannot go wrong with any of these choices. These are the Colorado edibles that have earned a strong reputation for their wonderful taste. And measured use of marijuana in their products for consistency.

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