marijuana edibles
marijuana edibles

Marijuana’s legal status is getting better in more states with restrictive laws loosening up. However, this does not mean that marijuana consumers feel more inclined to get open about it. There are a couple of reasons for people to still want to keep their marijuana consumption discreet. An important one is to keep these substances away from children, as no parent would want their kids accidentally stumbling on their stash. Also, you might prefer to remain lowkey with your marijuana consumption because it is more socially convenient.

For whatever reasons you might want to keep your marijuana secret, we’ve got you. We have put together some creative ways to hide your marijuana with a very low risk of discovery.


What’s the connection between a dictionary and marijuana? Absolutely nothing, well, apart from the word ‘marijuana.’ But that’s the point, this safe disguised as a dictionary is just perfect for keeping things discreet. With the popularity of Google, you probably haven’t consulted a physical dictionary in years, and there are so many people like you, which makes this secret safe even better. It easily blends with the books on your bookshelf and would likely be ignored by most.

The safe comes with a combo lock or a lock with keys, which guarantees that whatever you keep in is known to only you. With just about $13, you can grab one of these on Amazon.


Hairbrushes are regular items for many people. So most won’t even bat an eye when they see this particular hairbrush. It would take someone familiar with the product to recognize this mundane-looking hairbrush for anything more, especially because it is a fully functional hairbrush. And this makes it a veritable hiding place for your marijuana.

The brush has a secret, false top. Unscrewing this will expose a secret compartment that is perfect for several items, from marijuana to jewelry. Sealing this compartment completely should contain any smells.

marijuana edibles


Another creative way you could safely hide your marijuana is by using this diversion safe disguised as your favorite beer. This can doesn’t just effectively tuck your marijuana beyond prying eyes; it is also effective in disguising the smell of your weed, which is quite important to some people.

Besides, these stash spots are usually handcrafted from the original beer can, which makes them completely identical and believable. To further make it realistic, this diversion can weighs just as much as a full can. All you have to do is unscrew the top and put in it whatever you need to hide.


What better way to hide things than with everyday personal hygiene products like deodorant sticks. These products are made from the real deodorant container. So, you are sure to certainly fool everyone, maybe even yourself. The product still contains a deodorant at the top. You have to remove the bottom to access the secret storage.

You can easily store enough marijuana is this product and carry it in your gym bag, luggage, pocket, or even take it traveling with no one the wiser about its true contents.

poison ring

5. PAX 3

If you use vaporizers, then this one is a great product for you. Pax 3 is an awesome cannabis vaporizer for herbs and extracts. This product can pair via Bluetooth to a mobile app that unlocks additional features such as adjustable temperatures, various modes, and, more importantly, a lock. Once the device is locked on the app, it won’t operate until you unlock it again. This a feature that can be useful for those with kids or even roommates.

In addition to the lock feature, Pax 3 is also very discreet in the way it looks, and it offers quite the extensive temperature settings to help you find your ideal combination of flavor and vapor.


This one of the most creative designs on this list. It looks exactly like a regular water bottle; you would likely forget about its true identity yourself. The middle part of the bottle is the real compartment where you can store your marijuana safely, while the upper and lower parts are removable. With all its components together, everyone will think this is a full water bottle.

To better keep your stash hidden, this product comes with an internal smell-proof bag. So, you can be sure that whatever you are carrying will stay undetected.

marijuana edibles


Marijuana edibles are food products infused with marijuana, and they are increasingly gaining popularity. They are among the most discreet ways of consuming marijuana as they come in the form of the various food products we are already used to, like brownies, gummies, and even candy. Almost any food can be infused with marijuana, so you have many choices for your perfect disguise.

It would help if you were careful with marijuana edibles, though. You can easily overdose with them since you might not know when you have taken enough. Also, being a very effective disguise for something containing marijuana, marijuana edibles could easily be mistaken for normal food and consumed by unsuspecting persons. You have to be extremely cautious with marijuana edibles if you have kids.


The ridiculousness of the idea of using a ring to carry anything was probably what made poison rings a perfect disguise for a poisoning mechanism in the past. You could also explore the discreetness of poison rings with your marijuana. This would likely only work if you use marijuana pills.

You could put a marijuana pill in your poison ring, if it fits, and carry it literally around your fingers. Nobody is likely to suspect what your ring holds, and you will able to take your pill whenever you want.

No matter why you need to keep your marijuana consumption secret, there are many exciting and effective options. You can try out some of the products mentioned above and see what works best for you.

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