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Marijuana Nasal Sprays: Medical marijuana industry is constantly growing in Colorado. As the small pot industry and Colorado government is struggling to figure out how to safely make pot. And monitor marijuana nasal sprays, marijuana edibles, suppositories, and marijuana inhalers.

The Colorado Department of Health and environment stated that all forms of marijuana that enter the body through nasal sprays, vaginal sprays or rectal sprays would be taken off the shelves of the dispensaries whenever the emergency medical rules would be adopted by the MED.

According to the news, nasal sprays would not be sold to individuals and independent dispensaries after the date, 1st July. However, the marijuana edibles and the sprays on the shelves stored before 1st July. Could be sold by the local pharmacist and dispensary owners.

nasal spray

Moreover, all the other comforting products and marijuana edibles would be banned and won’t be sold to dispensaries and pharmacies if the emergency rules get adopted by MED.

The New Rules

The rules were changed as an attempt to withhold a grip. Particularly a regulatory one to on new cannabis like product deliveries that are THC-infused. Products like nasal sprays are being used by patients to treat chronic pain, muscle spasms, and seizures.

Why the Rules Were Changed ?
Although nasal sprays work just like other marijuana edibles. And enter the human body in the same way unlike them, they are not tested and clinically trialed by Federal drugs and health administration agencies. Products like nasal sprays, vaginal sprays, and rectal sprays fall just outside the purview of drug and food administration agencies. Due to this reason. The nasal sprays, vaginal spray, and rectal sprays pose great threats and risks to people in Colorado.

nasal spray

Director of Environmental Epidemiology, Occupational Health Toxicology Branch, Van Dyke said that the previous draft for marijuana products were written merely for the ones that could be vaporized or smoked. The marijuana edibles that could be eaten or applied orally is under the trial of drug and food administration agencies but products like nasal sprays require an even higher level of professionalism.

Van Dyke explained his point by addressing that when vaporized liquid is squirted directly into the nasal cavity, it hits directly into the blood-skin barrier. High standards need to be sought for nasal sprays. As they are faster acting and pass through the blood-brain barrier more quickly as compared to other marijuana edibles.

Why the Products Cannot Be Tested

Testing a marijuana product like saline nasal spray requires a six-figure budget. Cannabis companies cannot afford a Research and Development budget this big.

The response of Marijuana Industry Group and Cannabis Business Alliance

In response, the cannabis companies of marijuana industry group said that if these rules are applied and affect the market, they would be forced to relocate their companies and sell nasal sprays where they are not banned or where marijuana nasal sprays are legal. Moreover, patients in Colorado seeking medical marijuana would have to buy marijuana from the darknet. Which again, poses a threat to their health and lives.

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