marijuana consulting
marijuana consulting

In the world of marijuana, choosing the right marijuana business consultant has become an integral part of the growing field. Considering the sheer size of the industry alone, it’s a no-brainer why the area has grown into what it is today.

Like anything else, as a field grows, more people need help to take their vision into the next step of achievement. Thus, why marijuana consulting has grown into a similar shape to the actual industry.

With the subject of marijuana consulting in mind, we’re going to discuss tips for choosing a marijuana business consultant. Although these tips are a bit broad, they’ll certainly point in the right direction in this field. Considering anyone and everyone can utilize a bit of help in this endeavor, take it for what it’s worth. Nonetheless, let’s take a look!


Before anything else, research should be your number one priority when discussing this particular subject. Like any other field, you can’t possibly expect to find the right consultant for you without doing a bit of research. Although luck might grant your way to finding a company perfect for you, this isn’t lucky. Thus, why research is more important than anything else.

As a way to start research, continue to read articles like this and other content regarding the field. Get a good grasp on where to begin looking, your specific niches, and who is available to content. Most importantly, make sure the group you’re looking to contact is possible to work with. You don’t want to waste all of your time and energy into a company just to hear a no.

marijuana consultant

Once you’re done online, do a bit more research on the specific company’s themselves. Create a document of who you’re considering, what they offer, and the advantages of them. Comparing and contrasting each company will ensure the best deal in the end. Generally speaking, people like to get this particular field over with because of the pure stress attached to it. With this in mind, never do this. Take your time until you’re comfortable with the company you end up going with.

Ask Previous Clients

When you’re trying to find a marijuana consultant, think of it as the food service. Just like you’d look at the reviews of a restaurant, you should talk to previous and current clients of the consulting company you’re interested in. This is entirely legal and will ensure that you’re taking the right steps forward.

On the other hand, if you get swayed away from the specific company, it’s a good thing you did what you did. Either scenario you look at, it’s crucial to hear information from previous clients as a way to listen to their own experience. Although hearing right from a company is excellent, you never know what they’re exaggerating or potentially lying about.

Before you begin talking to their previous clients, make sure you have plenty of questions to ask. Write down any information you receive in return, but don’t go to the conversation empty-handed. Ask them how it went for them, their experience, if it’s worth it, and how the company was to work with. In the end, you’ll be able to fully determine if you’ve made the right choice.

marijuana consulting

Look For Someone Who Best Represents You

Although the marijuana industry is a relatively new booming area, it’ll only continue to grow from where it is today. As a result, every individual and person involved in the field are entirely different from one another. Basically, each segmentation of a consulting business has a varying specific knowledge on a field.

With this in mind, you obviously don’t want to pick a consulting business that isn’t related to the specific niche you’re involved in. More experienced consultants designate their expertise to individual segments of the industry. Thus, it’s crucial to find a company that’ll pair well with your vision.

For example, a consultant who markets in the dispensary field might not be the most knowledgable in countless other areas. However, if you plan on solely focusing on the specifics of that field, then you’ll surely be a good fit for them. Either way, just make sure you find a consultant that represents your own interests and plans.

Get Face Time

Although the current realities of life make a bit difficult to have traditional interactions (depending on where you live), for the most part, make sure you get some form of face time with a consulting team you want to work with. Meeting face to face, whether it’s virtually or in-person, will ensure you the needed knowledge you’re looking for.

Plus, upon a facial interaction, you’ll get a better understanding of precisely what they’re offering and who they are. For better or for worse, either situation will be better for your future goals in the field. The consultant and client relationship are crucial for you to properly thrive, and face time is a massive part of that.

With the consultant and client relationship in mind, strongly consider choosing a consultant who is willing to meet in person. Since this offers such a massive advantage over other companies who can’t, definitely keep this as a requirement. Them taking the time to meet in person makes them more of a reputable and better company anyway.

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Be Hesitant to Part Equity/Ownership

Lastly, always be hesitant to part equity. Depending on the marijuana business consultant, they might ask for partial ownership or equity in your marijuana business. Always be reluctant to do this, and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions related to why they want to do this. Be worrisome of exaggerations and always be protective of your business.

Basically, you should never part with any ownership or equity for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that shared ownership between the two of you can create a conflict of interest for the consultant in such a niche market. Plus, it could technically violate laws depending on where you live. Basically, never part equity or ownership to a consultant, it’s not a part of the standard format of business.

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