Chocolate Edibles

If you have tried to mix edibles in your chocolate cookies or any other chocolate recipe, you will know that it is a very hard process to learn. Cannabis and chocolate can be frustrating to cook with, but with few tips and tricks, it can be easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

Buy the real tastiest chocolate you can find

As important the quality of cannabis, the same is true for your chocolate. Good quality chocolate will give a better taste to the final product if you have the time to try to taste different types of chocolate and understand the difference. This is one way you can understand the difference or just talking to your chocolate supplier can be a start.

Understand the process of tempering chocolate

Chocolate is one ingredient which is hard to master, as it is a very delicate and sensitive ingredient. One of the most common and most failed processes of chocolate making is tempering chocolate. This is the process where the chocolate is heated and later cooled until a gloss finish starts to appear on the top of the chocolate. After this chocolate is cooled, the final product is hard chocolate, which has the right amount of snap to it. This is one process where you can incorporate cannabis as the fatty acids become liquid; the mixing process becomes easier as they harden with the chocolate.


Learning never ends, and this stands true, especially if its chocolate. There are many ways people temper chocolate; the most common is the seeding and tabling methods. The one main concept of getting the right kind of chocolate is by getting the chocolate to the right temperature. After you have reached the desired temperature, it is important to agitate the chocolate to keep the temperature consistent; frequent checking is necessary to keep the chocolate in checks.


Don’t just throw in cannabis and hope for the best

It may seem simple but infusing cannabis is a process, as consumers are looking for a quality product with amazing flavour you have to go the extra mile and understand the flavour profiles of the ingredients and the best way to infuse them. It is important that you know where the chocolate has come from and the flavour it profiles it fits understand where the cannabis can work in favour of the chocolate.

Chocolate edibles are easy to dose accurately

dose accurately

One thing you have to work on is the process of understanding the dose and incorporating it into the chocolate mixture to ensure with every bite you get the taste of chocolate as well as cannabis. Generally, chocolate is served in little pieces, and those little pieces is just enough to make your job easier, you can easily repeat the recipe by adding the same amount of ingredients which ensures reliable product every time.

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